Welcome to the webpage of the HoHo100 (= Hollandse Honderd Mijlen = Dutch Hundred Miles)

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On Saturday 28th of January the first edition of this new ultra event will take place in the city of Amersfoort. Amersfoort is situated in the middle of the Netherlands.What, when, where, who?

What: 100 Miles (with interval time at ±50 Miles and ±100km which will be also published at DUV Statistik)

When: The start is on Saturday 28th of January 2023 at 8:30h. You can finish until Sunday 29th of January 2023 6:30h. So, the maximum time to complete the 100 Miles is 22 hours.

Where: Altis, Schothorsterlaan 78, 3822 NB Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Maximum number of participants: 50

Contact: info@run033.nl

Organizers: Marco Groot & Mark van Hoorn


The course consists of laps of ±3,75km. So, to finish the 100 Miles you have to complete almost 43 laps. The course will be officially measured by a course measurer of the Dutch Athletics Union. And the first lap will probably not a full lap of 3,75km.

The course has no mentionable altitude meters. The course is not traffic-free. Mainly bikes and scooters will be on the course and sometimes a lost car. The course has some sheltered parts (±70) and some partly open parts (±30%). The underground is mixed: tartan track, asphalt and small cobblestones.

Click on the map to go the afstandmeten.nl to see the course in more details.

Spartathlon qualifier

The HoHo-100 can be used as a qualification for the Spartathlon. The subscription period for the Spartathlon mostly ends at the end of February. The Spartathlon website has not been yet updated for the edition of 2023. For the edition of 2022 the qualifying times were:

  • Finish a 100-mile race in 21:00 hours (men) or 22:00 hours (women).
  • Runners having achieved a performance at least 25% better than the ones required in section 2, are considered qualified and are thus automatically admitted. Adjustment by HoHo-100: This means for the 100 Miles 15:45 hours (men) or 16:30 hours (women).
  • There should be 5 finishers at least

Participation fee and what is included?

The participation fee is € 50.  Included is:

  • Officially measured course
  • Electronic timing (including lap times)
  • Toilets, dressing rooms and showers
  • A sports canteen where your supporter(s), if you have any, can shelter warmly
  • A sports canteen where your supporter can warmup some food for you
  • A spot around start/finish where you can put your own food and drinks
  • The organisation provides also some food:
    • Bread between 12:00 and 14:00hours
    • Soup with meat or vegetarian (starting around 18:00 hours and the continually to the end of the race
    • Pasta with meat or vegetarian, between 18:00 and 20:00 hours
    • Tea and Coffee
    • Water, Coca Cola, bars, bananas also available
    • No Sports drinks, because we see at other ultra events that ultra runners mainly use their own sports drinks
  • Basic Medical Support

Prize money

For the women and men there is prize money for the first three finishers: € 100, € 75  and € 50. We will transfer the price money to your bank account.  The first three finishers will get a trophy just after their finish.

Hotel suggestions

Hotel vd Valk – 8min by car to the start/finish (situated in one of the suburbs of Amersfoort)

Hotel Campanille – 10min by car to the start/finish (situated in one the suburbs of Amersfoort)

NH Hotels – 12min by car to the start/finish (situated in centre of Amersfoort)

B&B’s in and around Amersfoort



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